Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal. It’s my most capable looking outfit!

It’s been a while… not much has happened or change. It’s summertime in Kuwait, the holy month of Ramadan and about 115 degrees everyday and I’m still rocking black pants and the small handful of “modest” tops I own and to make matters worst I’m parched when I’m out since I am legally not allowed to consume any sort of beverages despite the scorning hot weather.

Could it get any worst? NO. Not really.

I have to give mad props to the people who are really practicing Ramadan. Not the people who sleep during the day and wake up right before sunset or the ones using Ramadan as an excuse to why they are unable to work, I’m talking about the people who work in the sun ALL DAY LONG with no food or water long hours six days a week. These people deserve an award or something because that’s totally harsh!

Anyways since the weather’s been heating up the dress code is getting shorter and skimpier. I see Betties walking around rocking minis, shorts, tanks, dresses, everything consider “unacceptable” and no one is paying them any mind! Makes me so envious but TB keeps reminding me just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean that I should because I should respect their customs which I totally dig but hello can I get some respect too?! Just a few weeks ago (before Ramadan) I was shopping at the Avenues mall Starbucks in hand minding my own business when an Arab woman starts shoving an item of clothing in my face. I didn’t pay it any mind at first (I’m from NY we see weird things all the time) but then I realize she was trying to get my attention to.. help her? Um… excuse me did you NOT see my Starbucks and shopping bags? Do I look like I work here? Needless to say she heard a earful from me!

Well on the bright side I won’t have to deal with it much longer since I’ll be leaving to NY for the summer! I am totally bugging and can’t wait but it’s kind of bittersweet since TB won’t be joining me as he’s unable to take any vacation time during the summer. I think I packed every single pair of shorts I own! I can’t wait to wear whatever I want again, eat (BACON!) and drink in public, not have to repeat my coffee order 10 times and still have it made wrong and most importantly escape from the heat!


I’m outtie for the summer!


@$#%& fu*k my life!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… and to be honest it’s because nothing exciting has happened. Nothing that’s worth sharing at least. I’m sure the world doesn’t care that I finally receive my Amazon package after six long weeks of waiting then being stuck in customs or how excited I am to experiment with matcha green tea powder or how I’m finally mustering up the courage to learn to swim again or how I scored reservations to the top Michelin starred restaurant for my upcoming trip to Singapore…  you catch my drift. 

Anyways Easter was this past Sunday and I have to admit I was a little depressed seeing picture of cute egg hunts and bunny pub crawls all over my Facebook newfeed while it’s just another normal Sunday for me in Kuwait. As sad as it sounds that one thing that I really miss the most about Easter is the candy and the 75% off sale the following day where I shamelessly buy ridiculous amount of Peeps, Reese’s egg and any other egg shaped candy in my way! Yes I know I’m a totally heifer!

TB suggested that we watch a movie and we both agreed on Captain America 2, however, when I went to google movie times I noticed that most of the show times seem shorter in comparison to what I’m use to. So I did a little more googling and realized that most movies had significantly shorter run time because all the movies in Kuwait are censored aka butchered! Why would I pay over $12 to miss out on Chris Evans screen time? As if! 

Apparently Kuwait has one of the strictest censorship policies in the Gulf region which ultimately means no movie date EVER because I refuse to pay full price for a movie ticket only to watch 75% of it. Way to encourage pirating! 


I’m outtie! 

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A FAILED taste of home… a review!

This past weekend TB and I had our usual brunch date, this time at Le Pain Quotidien in the Avenues. I use to live near one in NYC and went there all the time for breakfast or just stop by to buy a loaf of bread or coffee and unfortunately this one did not meet the mark. Aside from their bread, Le Pain (I don’t know why everyone in Kuwait calls it PQ?) is famously known for their communal tables and for serving simple foods with organic ingredients and sadly there wasn’t a single communal table in sight and the food was subpar.

We ordered the smoked salmon egg benedicts and the French toast. Both our dishes looked pretty but we all know that looks can be deceiving… the French toast was NOT French toast. It tasted like lightly sweeten bread not bread that had been soaked in a mixture of beaten eggs with milk and cinnamon, toasted in a frying pan and served with butter and maple syrup. No.. not at all and the egg benedicts tasted like nothing for lack of a better word. The salmon was old… like DAYS old, served in on a brioche bun instead of an English muffin which was fine but they didn’t bother to toast the bread (WHY?) and the deal breaker was the hollandaise sauce wasn’t a sauce but a gross super thick cream with a strange film which meant that it had been pre-prepared and then heated up (aka microwaved) before it was served. Such a huge disappointment from a place that I have trusted all these years and never had a bad experience at!

The best part of the entire experience was that they sold organic coffee beans which I totally stocked up on! But as far as their breakfast goes I’m definitely not returning which is a shame since I’ve been a loyal customer for over six year. Boo you Le Pain Kuwait! The quest for my go to breakfast spot continues… 😦


I’m outtie!

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What the hell is that? A dress. Says who? Calvin Klein!

Pretty much sums up the conversation TB and I have everytime we’re about to leave the house. I mean I totally respect and understand that the dress code here is conservative and modest which means shoulders must be covered and knee length bottoms but I’m still having an extremely hard time comprehending that something as simple and basic as a v-neck or scoop neck shirt can’t be worn because they are TOO low? that only leaves crew necks which are… boring! Silk and burn out tees also out because they’re TOO sheer? I’m totally buggin’!

I should also mention that I’m 5’2 (okay I lied I’m 5’1, 157cm), 105lbs (47kg) and 98% of my closet consist of two colors: black and white, and since I can’t seem to wear white without “concealing” the silhouette of my bra (a nude bra isn’t cutting it!) at the moment that’s currently not an option. I’m left with an entire wardrobe full of little black dresses (but I can’t wear a single one), black shorts (I am freakin’), black skirts (I wish!), black leggings (my thighs feel like they’re on fire), black pants (my thighs might as well be on fire), black tops and the 2% others is grey, blue or denim. So what’a girl to do? Go shopping for a new wardrobe!

Sounds a lot easier than it seems but when you’re short you follow the a few golden fashion rules to create the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are which means heels, monochrome, vertical stripes, v-necks and anything mini. At 5’1 the midi makes you look even shorter and the maxi (it was invented for pregnant ladies after all) almost always swallows you whole or makes you look wide. I’m sorry but as a girl the last thing I want to do is make myself look fat! I mean this is seriously a first world problem and all but for me it’s a full time crisis! It totally sucks since the weather in Kuwait is perfect right now for shorts, a crop top and flip flops and here I am decked out in all black like I’m about to attend someone’s funeral… might as well be mines come summertime!

I must give some of the girls I see snaps for their courageous fashion efforts but hello do they not realize that there are fashion faux pas and that they were established for a reason! Can we say ensembly challenged? Anyway I decided to start pinning possible outfit ideas for inspiration in my quest to build a more Kuwait friendly wardrobe. If you’re like me and have a very monochrome wardrobe or just looking for more modest OOTDs feel free to follow me on Pinterest 🙂


I’m outtie!



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Ugh, AS IF!

What is up with that all these wannabe foodie bloggers in Kuwait? Like seriously what kind of a “foodie” eats at IHOP, Applebee’s, P. F. Chang’s, Johnny Rockets, TGI Friday, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory then wastes their time blogging about it?! It’s even more amusing to see postings about fast food restaurants! Do we really need a review about Quiznos? What’s next… Burger King? Do these bloggers even know what a foodie is? Apparently not, so please stop calling yourself one because it’s giving real foodies a bad rep.

A foodie is someone who would rather go hungry than eat at a national chain. Someone who lives to eat. Someone appreciate ambiance and service but can’t be fooled by the glitz and glam. Someone who doesn’t mind waiting three hours to consume the best _____ of their entire life. Someone who doesn’t get paid by restaurants to write fake reviews. Someone who recognizes a famous chef if they walked by one in the streets. Someone who spares no expense when it comes to eating out. Someone who is constantly searching for the “best of” steak, pancakes, etc. Someone who spends their free time searching for new gastronomic delights to try. Someone who will go above and beyond to try the latest and greatest foods. Someone who wants every single meal to be an experience.

I consider myself to be a foodie and it’s lifestyle. I spend the majority of my free time looking for new restaurants and concepts to try. When I go on vacations the first thing I plan are my meals and everything else gets worked around them. I don’t dine at national chains restaurants unless I absolutely have to. If a friend who isn’t a foodie (good thing I don’t have many!) wants to dine at IHOP I’ll be a good sport and tag along but would just order a fruit bowl so that I don’t waste my calories on crappy pancakes. I have dined at quite a few Michelin starred restaurant in NYC and a few in Europe and would like to dine at as much in the world as possible! I get more excited to meet chefs than celebrities and have met Anthony Bourdain, Masaharu Morimoto, Mario Batali, Wylie Dufresne, April Bloomfield, Hung Huynh and Dominique Ansel. I had a missed encounter with Will Guidara and Daniel Humm that I’m still crying over today and would love to meet David Chang and Harold Dieterle. I would love to dine at Masa too…  if only the tasting menu wasn’t $1160!

All I do is talk about food. I may be in the middle of eating something and already thinking about my next meal. I wish there were REAL foodies in Kuwait to share my love of food with. I mean I can’t be friends with someone who thinks IHOP has the best pancake ever or Johnny Rockets has the best burgers or that Benihana has the best sushi. EWWW! As if!


I’m outtie!


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I don’t wanna do this any more, and my buns, they don’t feel nothin’ like steel!

Since there isn’t too much do to in Kuwait TB decided that I should go to the gym more often. I didn’t see anything wrong with going to the gym sporadically (i.e. a few times a year or hot yoga whenever I felt like a heffer) but he beg to differ so we joined the Al Corniche Club. It’s nice by Kuwait standards but definitely no Equinox and not worth the thousands they charge for their membership but when the options are limited you make do.

I’m already not a huge fan of the gym but it’s funny no matter where in the world you are you can still count on the same characters to ruin your workout: the meatheads, the chicks wearing WAY too much makeup, the gym rats who take TOO many selfies, the loud social butterflies (the only thing running is their mouth), the guy who has NO idea what he’s doing, the grunter, the guy who slams the weight after EVERY set (seriously is that really necessary?), the smelly sweaty guy who never wipes down the equipment, the guy who hogs AND blocks the mirror or the weights, the guy who loads up on too much weight, the bros (group of guys standing around the bench and chatting while maybe one is actually working out and even the guidos (wifebeaters and blowouts included) even in Kuwait you can’t hide from them!

After a much deserved week long break I headed back to the gym today and I just don’t know how people do it… I hate the gym. I wish there was more to do in Kuwait so that I would have an excuse to not go ever once in a while. I also wish the Al Corniche Club offered hot yoga, a juice bar and healthier options at their restaurant (500 calories for the “healthy” shrimp wrap.. seriously?) and Red Mango is a far cry from healthy when you offer more sugary candy toppings than fruits! On the bright side at least I’ll be in best shape of my life when I leave Kuwait 🙂


I’m outtie!


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Where, in Kuwait?!

Pretty much what everyone said when I told them I was moving from NYC to Kuwait. I’d probably say the same thing if the tables were turned. I mean Kuwait isn’t exactly known for anything other than oil and being unfriendly. It’s an Islamic country which means alcohol, pork and public PDA is forbidden. I’m not much of a drinker so that wasn’t an issue and public PDA wasn’t a deal breaker either but not being able to eat pork specifically bacon just sucked…  A LOT!

Like most people who are about to move to a foreign country I did some research, joined expat blogs and attempted to learn bits about the country and its customs. I’ve only been here for a few months and have been finding it quite hard to adjust to. People here are unfriendly, they get all defensive about it but it’s true (see here) and I’m from NYC where we’re not exactly the friendliest bunch either so that speaks a lot of volume. That’s not to say there aren’t friendly people here but you’ll have to break down some serious brick walls before you can see their friendlier side. Also because the dress code is “modest” aka super strict and conservative I can’t wear 90% of my closet! Everything I own is either too short (hello I’m 5’2..  it’s to make me appear taller!), too low (since when did it become illegal to wear a v-neck!) or too sheer (silk is a no-no and how the hell do you avoid seeing the silhouette of your bra? not wear one?) so I pretty much have nothing to wear and it’s extremely depressing! I wore pants for the first time in my entire life in 88F (31C) degrees and almost cried! *tear*

The number one thing that makes me miss home the most is the lack of AMAZING food. By that I mean you eat it and think to yourself: damn that was the best ______ I’ve ever consumed in my life! Don’t get me wrong there are no shortages of restaurants here but the majority of them are chains, fast foods, local concepts that try to hard to be trendy but are lacking in taste and quality of food or they are just plain awful. Being from NYC, one of the food meccas in the world, I have to admit I am jaded and have been spoiled with good eats everywhere but there has to be some delicious Kuwaiti eats…  right?


I’m outtie!

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